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Quick Service Response Time

82% of copier customers are dissatisfied with their current copier vendor's service response times, or the overall level of service they receive.

People just like you are fed up with always having copier issues that take time away from running their business. So we decided to be different. (We figured our customers would appreciate it).

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Constantly having copiers down
  • Slow service response times
  • Inexperienced technicians
  • Multiple site visits to fix the same issue
  • Poor service level overall

The Leading Xerox logo Technicians

We think that is totally unacceptable, so we focused on finding the best and brightest Xerox® technicians from all over the country to create an industry-leading Service Team. We are incredibly proud of their expedient service, exceptional level of knowledge, and unwavering dedication to keeping your copiers up and running.


The Typical Experience

Typical Copier Company Service Experience: Call and place a service request, you usually hear back from a dispatcher and they'll be able to get a technician on-site in about 2 to 4 hours. They don't ask about your issue, they don't make sure the technician is adequately prepared, they essentially just send a guy over to you and hope he's able to fix your problem.


The Nimble Technologies Experience

Nimble Technologies Service Experience it's a totally different experience. When you place a service request online, you'll get a call back from an experienced Nimble Technologies Xerox® technician within less than 5 minutes, on average. Our technician will then assess the situation thoroughly to make sure the problem gets solved as quickly as possible. When we do need to sent an on-site technician to fix the issue, we give you an ETA that usually has a technician on-site in less than one hour.

Don't Believe Us?

Try it for yourself. Challenge our Service Team right now!

Click below to place a Service Request with our team. Fill out your company and copier information, the same information you would use with your current company, and click "Request Service Now" to send the information to our Service Team. (FYI - this is the exact same form that our regular customers use, so you can also access the same from by clicking on "Request Service" on our top hand navigation menu of the website).

When a Nimble Technologies Xerox® technician calls you back in less than 5 minutes, simply thank them for the call and tell them you were just testing out our ludicrous service response time claims you saw online. (They don't mind!)

Request Service Now


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Get Rid of Your Current Vendor

So now that you're intrigued, and ready to get rid of your current copier vendor who can't provide the insane level of service that we do, let us know. Send us your information by filling out the form and we'll give you a call to understand your business needs and put together a solution for you.