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Business Technology Management: Why Your Copier Lease Matters

Posted by William Albaugh on Feb 23, 2017 10:38:00 AM

Business Technology Management- Why Your Copier Lease Matters.jpg


We know copier leases can be boring! In fact, that’s how companies easily dupe customers into signing lease agreements without them fully reading the contract. They don’t want you to read and ask questions. However, when you sign a copier lease, you’re signing a legally binding contract and you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions set forth by your copier leasing company.


Without carefully reading your agreement, you could end up in a lease that is terrible for you and your company. And, since copier leases typically run for 4-5 years, that’s a long time to be stuck in a horrible arrangement. USA Copiers focuses on helping customers have a great copier experience—from the beginning of your lease to your final contract date. Here’s why your copier lease matters:


  • Your copier lease will tell you about many things that directly correlate to the amount of money you must pay each month. Cancellation fees, service fees, clicks, escalation prices, and clauses are usually all included in your lease. You should be aware of what you’re agreeing to before entering into a lease that is difficult to escape.


  • When you lease a copier or any piece of office equipment, the company you lease from usually banks on you not reading the contract set forth between you. They use business jargon you don’t fully understand which could make you just sign out of frustration. But, contracts are designed to confuse you so money can be made off your lack of knowledge about copiers.


The most important thing you can do when you have a lease agreement is to read it fully. If you don’t know what something means or don’t fully comprehend what the document is saying, ask questions. If you don’t, your agreed-upon monthly rate could skyrocket due to hidden fees, and you don’t want that. Plus, if you don’t cancel your lease 30-60 days prior to your lease’s end date, it may automatically renew for the same length of time as the original lease.


Copier leases are hard and we know that. With USA Copiers you can trust us to both work with you and be honest about your lease. Are you already in a lease that you feel trapped in? Let us help you. We have the best lease rescue program and can help you when you believe no one else can. If you’re ready to lease a copier but want to learn more about lease agreements, we’re here to assist you.

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