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Why Do We Only Work With Xerox?

Posted by William Albaugh on Jan 12, 2017 9:28:00 AM

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We hear it all the time…

“But, why do you guys only offer one brand of copiers? What if I don’t want a Xerox?”

(First, trust us, you do want a Xerox!) It’s an easy question for us to answer. At USA Copiers, choosing to sell and lease only Xerox brand copiers is a very well-considered decision.

We actually do it for three distinct reasons.

  1. We firmly believe – through years of experience – that Xerox is the best.
    Xerox is, more than anything, a copier company. They’ve been the leading name in the copier industry for decades, and they haven’t spread themselves too thin by selling a thousand different products like cameras and TVs and cars. They specialize in copying, inkjet printing, and software solutions to enhance the copying experience, so they’ve gotten really, really good at it! Not only that, but Xerox builds better machinery than any other brand. In fact, Xerox copiers on average need only about one-third the amount of servicing as other copier brands.

  2. Our technicians have become experts on all things “Xerox.”
    If you had a specialty car, say, a Tesla, would you take it to Joe’s Auto Shop to be serviced or would you take it to the Tesla dealership where they eat, sleep, and breathe Tesla? Probably the latter, right? The technicians at USA Copiers only work with Xerox products day-in and day-out, so they’ve become experts on how they work, the parts they include, and the software that runs them. No more service appointments where the technician shows up and opens up the same manual you’ve been staring at for four hours…our techs can rebuild your Xerox machine in their sleep.

  3. We know exactly what kind of machine will work best for your job.
    Likewise, our sales consultants don’t have a litany of products to try and “upsell” you with. We work with one brand which means our sales consultants know every product in our catalog back-and-front; that translates to better service for you. We know which machines won’t provide enough copy power for your office, and which are just overkill for the amount of copies you plan to make. We know which work best for legal-size copies and which do a bang-up job of color copying, too. We’ve got you covered.

We’re different than those other copier companies out there, and its no accident. Choosing a copier shouldn’t be so hard, and we’re working to make it a better experience.

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