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Which Xerox Copier is Right for Me?

Posted by William Albaugh on Jun 6, 2017 9:22:00 AM

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Xerox has an illustrious history of manufacturing superior, long-lasting copy machines.

There’s a reason USA Copiers only sells one brand of copier. Xerox machines perform better, are more durable, and need only one-third the service of other brands. It’s really a no-brainer, if you ask us.

Our techs are Xerox experts. That means they can not only repair a copier with their eyes closed, they can recommend the right copier for your needs without hesitation. There are dozens of great models to choose from, but they’re not all great for you.

Which Xerox copier is right for your business? Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular.

Xerox 570 Digital Press
The Digital Press offers twice the resolution of any other copier. That’s huge. If you’re a graphic artist, a marketer, or an architect, you know there’s no truer color than that from a Xerox 570. It’s an amazing machine for creative industries.

Xerox 7800 Series MFP
This model is unique in that it uses LED instead of laser. It’s – hands down – the best multifunction office printer in its class, and it’s fast, too. Printing at 55 pages a minute, it also scans over 133 pages a minute! That’s some serious speed.

Xerox 5800 Series B/W Copier/Printer/Scanner
When you need a workhorse but you don’t need another mortgage payment, the 5800 is your model. It’s a full-size black-and-white printer that scans over 200 pages per minute, and it also faxes, prints, and copies. It’s a great choice for professional disciplines like accounting.

Xerox 3635 B/W Departmental Desktop Copier
Not all offices need a massive, multi-function copier! That’s where the 3635 comes in. Ideal for a 3-4 person workstation, it copies, prints, and faxes, and can even scan in color. Its small size makes it ideal for tucking into a corner in the office, too.

Xerox 7775 High Def, High Res, High Volume Color
Maybe you print a lot of color but you don’t necessarily need those colors to be Pantone-true. That’s an ideal scenario for the 7775, a great option for printing high-volume collateral. It’s a popular choice for large churches, big offices, and restaurants; anyone who’s tired of spending thousands a year at FedEx and Kinkos will appreciate this model.

Which copier sounds like a fit for you?
Set up some time with our experts at USA Copiers, and we will take the time to not only learn about your business, but tell you what Xerox models will save you the most money (and cause the least amount of headaches!)

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