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What You Don't Know About Your Copier Lease: Part 2

Posted by William Albaugh on Jan 19, 2017 10:15:00 AM

What You Don't Know About Your Copier Lease- Part 2.jpg

We’ve already discussed bundling, one way in which your commercial copier lease may not be what it seems. But are you aware that there might be additional sneaky, expensive clauses hidden in your contract that are costing you even more money?

Yeah, it makes us sick too.

We’ve got bad news. If you signed a traditional lease with a big national copier company, your lease probably auto-escalates.


What the heck is auto-escalation?

Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. Under a vast majority of traditional copy leases, the service fee “auto-escalates” each and every year. Big chains might tell you this is due to inflation or because the cost of Super-Awesome service gets a little pricier each year to get you to sign on the dotted line, or they may not have mentioned it at all. Most copy leases raise their prices based on “market” fluctuations once a year, and that can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars more out of your pocket over time. That’s not money you budgeted paying when you originally signed that lease, is it?

Here’s why this is bad.

At first, it may only seem fair. “My copy company has to keep up with adjustments in the economy, too!” you might say magnanimously. But would you buy any other product this way? When you lease a car for three years at $300/month, do you expect to pay $345/month the second year, then $366/month the third year because of “inflation?” Of course you don’t!

Isn’t locking in your rate the whole point of leasing a machine in the first place?

What can you do about auto-escalation clauses in your contract

The absolute BEST thing you can do is to look at your copier contract very, very carefully before you sign it. There are probably lots of sneaky things hidden in there!

Maybe the copy giants are giving you “free” copies that you don’t really need, or maybe they’re upping your service plan based on the amount of service they (don’t actually) think you’ll need. Don’t be upsold! And for goodness sakes, ask clearly and directly whether a contract auto-escalates from year-to-year. If your vendor can’t give you a straight answer or gives you the run around about why and how and what a great value you’re getting by paying more, show them the door.

But…it’s probably too late for that, right? You’ve probably already signed a contract and now that we mention it, HEY, you have been paying more each month than you thought! (Or, more likely, accounting has just been sending checks without you even realizing they’re getting bigger and bigger…) If this is the predicament you’ve found yourself in you should know that USA Copiers has the STRONGEST lease rescue plan in the business. We’ve got your back, even if the big guys don’t.

You deserve so much better than a lease that doesn’t really mean what it says.
USA Copiers never, ever auto-escalates your payments – we think it’s just better business to be upfront and honest with our customers about what they’re getting and for how much. You get what you pay for, and that’s true even in the copy business!

Let us be your advocates, even if you’re in the middle of your lease. Set up some time to meet with your team and let us show you how we can help you get out of that terrible lease you're stuck in right now.

Meet With Our Team!

And stay tuned for the next part in our series, “What You Don't Know About Your Copier Lease: Part 3,” where we tackle two-click billing.

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