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4 Questions to Ask Your Copier Tech

Posted by William Albaugh on Jul 17, 2017 9:09:00 AM

4 Questions to Ask Your Copier Tech.jpg

What should you be asking your copy technician? If you’re working with the right kind of copy company, your technician is an expert on your copier and many others. What should you ask your tech when you’ve got their attention to ensure your copier is efficient and functional?

  1. Where are you!?
    Probably the number one question people ask of their copy techs is some version of, “WHY WON’T YOU CALL ME BACK!? I’ve got work to do!” Beware copy companies with shoddy response times (Ahem…USA Copiers has an unparalleled average five minute response time). When your copier needs some love, you deserve to be able to get in touch with your copy company. Period.

  2. What happens if you can’t fix it today?
    You’re busy. Your copy technician knows within a few minutes whether a fix will take an hour or a week. Ask what happens if they try everything and still can’t get you printing. Can they provide you with a loaner machine for the day until yours is good-as-new? If it’s in the shop for a week, will they give you an entirely new machine? (Hint: USA Copiers will.)

  3. Do you keep equipment on hand or does everything have to be ordered? 

    This is a great question to ask because it could mean the difference between getting new toner in a day or two or waiting two weeks for your order to come in. One of the biggest benefits of working with a local copy company is that you’re more likely to get your fix fast, especially if you just need a refill.

  1. How well do you know my machine?
    There are literally thousands of kinds of copy machines scattered nationwide. Like any technology, copiers evolve, and the best technicians stay abreast of the latest improvements. There’s a huge advantage to leasing through a copy company that only works with one brand or that sells a limited number of machines. This ensures their technicians will be experts on any machine they’ve leased out which means you’ll probably get up and running faster when service is needed. You wouldn’t want a general physician operating on your knee; you shouldn’t have to settle for a general copy repair tech, either.

Is your copy company there when you need them? Do techs arrive on time, with the equipment they need, and work professionally? Does it seem like your machine needs servicing all the time, or that service problems take forever-and-a-day to fix?

You might need a better copy company.
USA Copiers can help.

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