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How to Send Your Old Copier Back Once and For All

Posted by William Albaugh on Jun 14, 2017 10:10:00 AM

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If you haven’t had a great experience with your office copy machine, you might be excited to see it go.

Maybe you’ve been stuck under a long-term copier lease for years with a lemon of a machine, or maybe you’re just ready for something with more speed and better technology. Sending back that old copier once and for all can be a cathartic experience.

But how do you do it?

You have a few options. If your copier is leased from a copy company (it probably is), there are likely provisions in your contract about what happens when the lease runs out. In most cases, the company that technically “owns” the machine will send technicians to your office to pick it up; this may or may not happen on a timeline you’re happy with.

Here at USA Copiers, we help clients manage this kind of inconvenient situation. Whether it’s the end of their lease term or we’ve figured out a way to bring in a newer machine affordably while they’re still under contract with the old company, we can store that old copier until it’s time to send it back. After all, not many offices have enough extra room to house giant copy machines that aren’t in use. (Ours does!)

How can you get the copy company to take back your old copier right away? Well, don’t forget that you need to provide the copy company with plenty of notice that you plan to terminate your lease. When you do so, specify the date you’d like the old copier picked up, and follow up. Call the copier company the week before - and the day before - to ensure your pick-up is still on the schedule, and have someone at the office all day the day-of in case their pick-up crew is off schedule.

If it’s possible to manage without a copier for a day, try to schedule the new copier to be dropped off the day after the old one is gone. That will prevent you from having two copiers in the space at once, crowding out everyone and everything.

Do you own a copier that you’re getting rid of? It’s a good idea to try to sell your old copier to a licensed distributor. If it’s too old for that to work, think about donating it to a local charity or non-profit organization for a tax write off. If it’s truly on its last leg, bring in a copier recycling company to pick it up to properly dispose of all internal parts while recycling what can be used again.

Questions about how to get that old hunk of junk out of your office once and for all? It’s time you upgraded. Give USA Copiers a call today to get set up with a newer, better copier.

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