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5 Easy Ways to Break Your Copier

Posted by William Albaugh on Jul 28, 2017 9:14:00 AM

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No one wants a broken copier.

Copier downtime means office downtime, which ultimately means less money coming in to your business. Let's be honest: your team can’t afford to be unproductive! You might be surprised that a majority of copy service calls involve accidental user error. Nobody means to break a copier, but there are a few things you can do to avoid accidentally causing yours harm. Here are five easy ways you might be unintentionally breaking your copy machine.

  1. Spilling Drinks or Food
    You’d be shocked how many repair calls involve spilled drinks! Coffee is the most obvious culprit, but water, soda, and even crumbs from food can cause your copier to jam or short circuit. Just the condensation from a cold glass can induce a malfunction; keep food and drinks out of the copy room as a rule.

  2. Leaving the Lid Open
    There are a myriad of benefits to closing the lid on your copier. Doing so will increase your drum life, protect the glass from scratches or breaks, and keep dust out of the sensitive areas of your machine. In digital copiers, there’s also a sensitive LED light under the lid that loses effectiveness with exposure; closing the lid keeps it working longer.

  3. Forcing the Drawers/Toner
    We get it – toner and paper always seems to need replacing when you’re in the middle of a big project. Whatever you do, don’t force the toner when it doesn’t seem to fit, and be sure to close paper drawers gently every single time. Some people tend to close paper drawers with their feet (they are at foot-level!) Resist the urge and spare your machine an inevitable repair.

  4. Jamming the Document Feeder
    Even if you’re rushed, don’t forget to thumb through your paper stacks to be sure there are no paperclips or staples before feeding them through the document feeder. A single staple, dislodged in just the right way, can create a huge jam within the bowels of your machine that may require special tools to fix. One second on the front-end can save you hours on the backend.

  5. Handling a Paper Jam the Wrong Way
    There’s a right way and a wrong way to unjam stuck paper from your copier. Wrong things to do include yanking the paper with brute force, cutting it off with scissors at the jam point, and hitting “print” 20 more times to try and get the machine to bypass the jam…somehow? If you can’t relatively easily remove a paper jam, turn it off and then unplug it. If it doesn’t unjam itself when turned back on, call your copy company for help.


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