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How to Pick a Copier for Your Small Business

Posted by William Albaugh on Mar 9, 2017 10:13:00 AM

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Choosing a copier for your small business is about a lot more than paper size and color printing ability. Today’s copiers are all digital, so they’re a little more complex than those old beige monsters we used back in the ‘80s!

How do you pick the right copier for your small business?

First things first, the last thing you want to do is let a copier salesman talk you into a machine you don’t need. Think of purchasing a copier like you would buying a car: You don’t need a 4WD Jeep if you’re only going to be driving to the store and back. Knowing exactly what you need before you meet with a copy company representative can save you hassle and money. Better yet? Work with a copier company that will help you talk through which copier is right for you, not try to convince you your business needs the Cadillac of Xeroxes if it doesn’t. (That’s us, by the way.)

Here are three things you should definitely roll around in your office before deciding on a copier:

Value: Most every business has learned that a low price only works if value is present.  A "sweet" deal is only sweet if the value and the price are sweet. This often used quote is true; price is what you pay - value is what you get (A Certified Better-Than-New copier from USA Copiers is a good example - call us to find out more). Ask a lot of questions and read that copier contract carefully. We have seen a lot of businesses pay too much for their copiers without the proper value built included.

Print Speed: Do you need copies to come out fast? Of course, no one wants a slow copier but some businesses – like those that work on tight deadlines or that print massive volumes of paper at once – think of speed as a more important factor than others. Today’s copiers range anywhere from about 25 pages per minute (ppm) to nearly 100. And Pro Tip: Ask about the “first copy” speed. It’s basically how long the machine takes to warm up and spit out the first page.

Graphics Capabilities: Does your business need a ‘multifunction’ printer that prints in high-res? If the standard 2,400 dpi x 2,400 dpi isn’t enough for your business, ask about the printer’s capabilities and software compatibility. This is particularly important for image-heavy businesses like design houses or architecture firms.

This is just a start. You’ll want to dig into things like full-bleed printing and wireless connectivity and document feeding, too. Here’s a pretty comprehensive guide to get you thinking. And if you just want your questions answered by a local, no-pressure copier expert?

Yeah, we understand.
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