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3 Copier Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Posted by William Albaugh on Jul 13, 2017 10:19:00 AM

3 Copier Issues You Can Fix Yourself.jpg

Your copy machine is probably the most important appliance in your office.

Few things are more debilitating than when your copier suddenly stops working, or at least stops working reliably. Even if you choose the best copier on the market, you’ll eventually have to deal with some of the inevitable issues that come with copiers. The good news is, some of the most common copier problems are things you can fix yourself.

If you’re stuck in a copier lease with a company whose service is lacking? DIY-fixes can be a real lifesaver. Until you can get out of your old lease and into a new one with a copy company that will service your machine faster, here are a few ways to service your copier yourself.

Fix that Jam
Copiers jam. It’s just what they do! Jams shouldn’t happen too frequently, though, and if they do you need to call in a technician. A once-in-a-while jam is something you may be able to resolve yourself, especially if you have a digital copier that actually shows you where the jam is occurring. Open all relevant doors and feeds and find the piece of paper. Pull it out in the direction it would feed, then close all doors and retry. Never yank! If that doesn’t work, wipe the “tires” of the paper feeder with a soft cloth and try to remove the paper again. Repeat until the jam is removed.

Remove an Error Code
One of the best things about digital printers is that they can usually tell you what’s wrong. If you have a persistent error code or, worse, one that’s stopping you from printing, call your copy provider. If you work with an experienced copier company, their technicians may be able to diagnose and walk you through the fix right over the phone. If not, try turning the machine off – both at the main Power switch and via the electrical cord. Plug it back in, wait 20 seconds, then turn the power back on. There’s a decent chance that error message resolved itself on its own.

Copies Too Light
There are several issues that could cause your copies to come out too light. First, check the density setting on your copier to make sure you’re not trying to print on “draft” or some other unusual setting. Next, open the toner compartment and check the toner levels; if you have a digital copier it will probably tell you when it’s running low on ink. If you’re low? Replace the toner and try again.

Does it seem like your copier is always on the fritz?
Maybe you need a better one.

Whether you’re stuck in a copier lease or feel like you could be paying less, contact your friends at USA Copier.

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