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5 Things to Know About USA Copiers’ Lease Rescue Program

Posted by William Albaugh on Mar 17, 2017 10:04:00 AM

5 Things to Know About USA Copiers’ Lease Rescue Program.jpg

Copier leases can be confusing. Many leases are designed to specifically to make you scratch your head, causing many people to sign without fully reading the terms and conditions included in the document. USA Copiers knows that once you’ve signed a lease, it can be difficult to escape. That’s why we created one of the strongest lease rescue programs in the business. We’re here to help you escape the seemingly unescapable. 

As a side note, we want you to know that we are truly committed to helping you get out of your current copier lease - even if you don't end up buying from us. To show you how serious we are, we will even create a personalized lease cancellation letter for you, free of charge, and send it straight to your inbox. Quick, simple, and at no cost to you. Seriously!

Get My Personalized Copier Lease Cancellation Letter Now!


Now, here are five things you should know about our lease rescue program:


  1. We speak the language. As a copier company, we know how difficult copier leases can be to decode. We know all the tricks that companies use which, in turn, allows us to figure out how we can help get you out of your lease agreement. USA Copiers explains what things mean and never want to confuse you with tricky terminology.

  2. You're not alone. Take solace in the fact that USA Copiers is here for you. Know that we are going to help you figure out options to break free from your lease and all the concealed charges and penalties buried within your contract. 

  3. We CAN help.  Don’t worry, we've made it through even the toughest leases and we’re not afraid to tackle yours. Our client testimonials prove that we are pros at getting customers away from their old lease. Trust that we can do the same for you.

  4. We’ll have a machine for you. Once you are out of your lease, you may have to return your old copier back to the company you leased it from. But, don’t worry, we can have a copier to you ASAP. Our Certified Better Than New Xerox copiers have great prices and less than two months of usage. Plus, USA Copiers prides itself on a one-hour service response time, as well as a 93% first visit fix rate.

  5. We won't put you in the same jam. At USA Copiers, we strive to do the exact opposite of our competitors. We don’t believe in tricks and confusion—we like to be transparent with our customers and want them to know what to expect. We never want you to be worried about service escalation and hidden fees. We’ll have your back.


We want you to love your copier and your copier agreement. Unlike other companies, we won’t bundle minimum clicks or charge you two clicks for 11x17” prints. You’ll never have to guess if you’re saving money. If you feel like you’re stuck in a copier lease and don’t know how to get out, or if you’re at the end of your lease agreement and want a change, contact USA Copiers now. We’ll get you the service you want and deserve.

And don't forget - our offer to create a personalized copier lease cancellation letter for you still stands. Just click the button below to get started, and in a few minutes you will have a unique lease cancellation letter sent directly to your inbox. For free!

Get My Personalized Copier Lease Cancellation Letter Now!

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