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4 Things to Know About Business Technology in 2017

Posted by William Albaugh on Jan 26, 2017 10:12:00 AM

4 Things to know About Business Technology in 2017.jpg

Business technology changes faster than the K-cup flavors in the breakroom. What’s new and normal this year may be obsolete in another decade which is why your office tech should be as nimble as the trends. Why get roped into a five year contract on a copier that might be outdated in two?

Nobody wants that.

At USA Copiers, we stay up-to-date on office tech so you don’t have to. Here’s what you need to know for 2017.

  1. Wireless won.
    Forget the idea that wireless technology is “happening” or “growing,” wireless is the new normal. Hybrid wireless technologies now allow for two, three, or more devices to connect with one another, from headphones to copiers to smartphones. If your office isn’t wireless-ready, you’re already behind the curve.

  2. Mobility keys.
    Along the same vein as wireless technology is the idea of being work-mobile. With more employees either working remotely or bringing their own devices to work, the tech they use to do their jobs must be increasingly mobile, too. It’s the reason web-based meeting platforms, cloud storage, and wireless printing are more important than ever.

  3. Business bots.
    Customer service is now a conversation. With the advancement of machine learning, bots are being employed in fields as far and wide as banking, real estate, and retail. Over 1.5 billion people are already using bot-enabled messaging! Intelligent bots aren’t just good for customer satisfaction, they’re good for the bottom line of businesses, too.

  4. Searchable software.
    Software platforms are changing rapidly, and nowhere is the change more obvious than in enterprise solutions. Connecting individual applications through a single source – an app, a cloud-storage system, etc. – is bound to improve both user experience and efficiency. When everyone works separately, no one wins; searchable office software is the next frontier in usable tech for the workplace.

Office trends come and go, but new technology is literally changing the way we work. It’s making us all more mobile, more productive, and more collaborative to boot; what’s in store for office tech could very well dictate the functionality of your business model.

Got questions about how the newest office technology can elevate your business? We can help. Give the USA Copiers team a call today to talk shop.

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