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3 Ways Copier Downtime Affects Your Business

Posted by William Albaugh on Dec 21, 2016 10:10:00 AM

3 Ways Copier Downtime Affects Your Business.jpg

Few things are worse than rushing to the copy room to print off a few extra copies of that big client packet for the afternoon’s pitch…and the copier’s on the fritz. “Jammed,” “Out of Ink,” and “Paper Read Error” are words that strike fear into any professional’s heart, from administrative assistants to business owners.

To you, copier downtime might seem like little more than a (huge) annoyance, but is it actually affecting your business? Here are three reasons you need to be paying more attention.

  1. It’s costing you real, hard cash.
    As a general rule, copier downtime hits smaller businesses hardest. In fact, some studies suggest that IT-related downtimes affect SMBs (small and medium businesses) to the tune of an average of $55,000 each year! If your business only has one or two copiers, losing one to a service outage can be disastrous. The longer you have to wait for a repair the more things get backed up, and the longer the mess will take to sort out once the machine is finally back up and running. Does your business really have that kind of money to burn?

  2. It’s costing you professionalism.
    In the digital age, the expectation of professional presentation is growing. Small- and medium-sized businesses are no longer entitled to leeway because they don’t have in-house marketing departments or printing facilities. As copiers have advanced in scope and scale, so too have expectations for perfection. Every time your copier is broken (or will only print in black-and-white, or won’t collate so you have to do it by hand) you’re losing automation. That equates to more opportunity for human error and a less-polished appearance to clients, internal groups, and even to competitors. Do you really want to let a broken copier be your Achilles heel?

  3. It’s costing you morale.
    When you’re working to build a better, more efficient business, hiring the right talent is imperative. From there, supplying that talent with the tools and resources they need to perform well is the only way to motivate and keep them. Too many companies are investing heavily in tech tools and employee perks to let that aspect of your business slip! Every time one of your employees has to get down on his or her hands and knees to inspect a paper jam or unplug and replug the copy machine, they’re demoralized. It’s hard to want to give your best work to a company that doesn’t invest in technology that makes your job easier. Do you really want your employees to think you don’t care?


Copier downtime is a plague on small and medium sized businesses. The ripple-effect this kind of issue has on a business can be astounding! You need a better solution to in-office copying than you have now.

That’s where USA Copiers comes in. We’re different, and we can’t wait for you to see why.

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