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3 Things to Know When Purchasing a Used Copier

Posted by William Albaugh on Dec 13, 2016 10:32:00 AM

3 Things to Know When Purchasing a Used Copier.jpg

When purchasing or leasing a copier, most copier companies offer a few options to choose from when you’re picking out your machine. What should you know before purchasing a “used” copier from one of these companies?

Here are three things to keep in mind.

  1. There are big differences in Used, New, and Refurbished copiers.

Most copier companies give customers a few options when they’re choosing a machine. These typically include:

  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished

Is there really a difference? In a word: YES. New machines have not been used by another customer. They usually have good warranties and a long expected lifespan, but they have a price tag to match. Used machines have been used by another (maybe more than one) party, sometimes for years. When customers “upgrade” to a new copier the company gets their used model back and can resell it to another customer. Refurbished copiers are where things get a little tricky. Refurbished copiers are used copiers that need a lot parts and work done before they can be resold. Old worn out parts are usually replaced with new or remanufactured parts and these machines should see a good life. The operative word there is “should.”

  1. Labels can be deceiving.

Most people assume that when they’re leasing a “new” copier, they’re getting just that. Not always so! In fact, many copier companies sell “New” copiers that – according to the fine print in their contract – “may” contain remanufactured parts. Customers are often disappointed when they find out they’re paying “new” prices for “remanufactured” performance. Because they’re technically remanufacturing and certifying the machinery, copier companies are within their right to turn the machine’s copy data back to zero, even if it’s been in use for years!

  1. There’s another option.

USA Copiers is an exclusive dealer of “Certified Better Than New” copiers. What are they? They’re late-model machines that have been used for an average of two months or less, or in some cases, repossessed machines. They’ve been upgraded to become, well, better than new! They include aftermarket features that allow them to work better, faster, and longer than a new copier (without service) and are installed by technicians with decades of experience. They’re a great deal, and an ideal alternative to pricey new copiers.


Choosing a new copier is all about value. What you value will depend on your budget, tolerance for service, and desire for a great deal.

USA Copiers is your ally in the copier industry. Give our team a call today to talk about your options.

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