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3 Things to Know About USA Copiers' Ludicrous Service Guarantee

Posted by William Albaugh on Jan 5, 2017 3:03:55 PM

3 Things to Know About USA Copiers' Ludicrous Service Guarantee.jpg

You might have a service guarantee with your current copier company, but it’s not this service guarantee. In fact, USA Copiers has what our clients have described as a “crazy-good,” “unbelievable,” and, yes, “ludicrous!” service guarantee.

How can we do it? Because we’re confident that what we offer our clients is unlike anything else in the industry. Here are three reasons you won’t find a copier service guarantee better than this one.

  1. We GUARANTEE a one-hour response time.

That’s right, one hour. That’s less time than it takes to leave the office, down your Chipotle burrito, and get back to your desk. National copy companies will tell you they guarantee a four-hour response time, but what they really mean is that they’ll send out a tech who will probably tell you that a part needs to be ordered and they’ll be back in a week to install it. Not with us. After you get a response in less than an hour, about 50% of the time our 2nd level team is able to fix your machine over the phone or Internet. The other half the time? We send out a technician ASAP, and 93% of the time they’re able to fix your machine during that first visit.

  1. We GUARANTEE a better first-time fix rate than our competitors.

Not to toot our own horns (okay, maybe a little tooting…), but our onsite technicians fix malfunctioning machinery on the first visit 93% of the time. “That’s how it should be!” you say. Well, compare that number to the 56% first-visit fix rate in the rest of the industry, and you see why our clients are so happy. How do we do it? Before our technicians even come out, your machine sends them a “fault code” remotely, so they show up at your office with all the tools and parts they need to get the job done right then and there.

  1. We GUARANTEE you a replacement machine if there’s, you know, any hassle.

Because that’s just the right thing to do. If it takes more than a day to fix your machine at your office, we’ll give you a loaner machine so you can keep on working in the meantime. If it’s a big fix and we’ve got to take your copier back to our facility to fix it for more than a week, well, we’ll just replace your machine for free. Your professional efficiency shouldn’t suffer because your copier is broken. That’s just silly.


Well, that really is ludicrous. Want to know more? USA Copiers has your back. Give us a call today to talk about how we can save you money…and headaches.

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