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About Us

Nimble Technologies is Different

Nimble Technologies is the parent company of USA Copiers, founded in 2010, that focuses on the enterprise level customer. Nimble Technologies is a pioneering solutions provider that brings the first Device As A Service platform for office equipment and print management. Flat rate, Seat Based Billing with no lease payment and no overages is the future, and Nimble Technologies is on the cutting edge.

Meet William Albaugh

William Albaugh of Nimble Technologies

William Albaugh

CEO & Owner

William Albaugh is the CEO & Owner of Nimble Technologies. For over 18 years, William has held several roles in the Office Technologies industry. With a strong technical background William has held positions of Analyst, Production Specialist, Color Specialist and Sales Engineer.

William moved to Charlotte NC in 2010 to start an Office Equipment company called Carolina Digital Solutions. The company has grown 30% year after year since then. In 2016, Carolina Digital Solutions was rebranded to USA Copiers to represent "What we do and where we do it".

In 2017, William rebranded the company for the 3rd time as he began moving the company into the enterprise market. Nimble Technologies was born. This was largely due to William’s vision and leadership to recognize a new and disruptive shift in the Office Equipment industries billing methodology called Seat Based Billing or Hardware As a Service. As early adopters of this new billing service, William saw the opportunity to grow the company and position it as a leader in the space.

William and his wife have four children and eight grandchildren. William is also an instrumented private pilot and enjoys flying for both business and pleasure. William often flies himself to his client meetings across the country.

As I have always said...

Your network is your net worth, and the quality of your network is the quality of your net worth.

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Client Recommendations


Jonathan Millikin

Bill is a knowledgeable professional, who never hesitates to offer productive suggestions. As a consultant, he was easy to work with, and understood the scope requested with little explanation. Bill has the experience and insight to implement effective solutions, and works hard to make sure you are happy with his results.


Doug Rider

I gladly offer my highest recommendation for Bill. One thing you'll love about working with Bill is that he knows everything, but he won't make you feel like you don't know anything. His thorough knowledge of technical issues, along with his great desire to do something right the first time, ensures that the projects he works on are destined for success. You would be very fortunate to hire Bill to provide direction for your IT initiatives.

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Nimble Technologies

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