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Seat Based Billing VS Traditional Leasing

A 60 Year Old Business Model is Shattered by Cutting Edge Technology & Software

Seat Based Billing

  • Flat-Rate Per Seat
  • Consistent Cost
  • Unlimited Printing
  • Unlimited Service
  • Unlimited Tools & Software
  • No Lease
  • Incentivized to Improve Efficiency
  • User Centric
  • Vendor & Customer Alignment
  • Easy to Add New Hardware
  • Budgetable Savings

Traditional Lease

  • Monthly Lease + Pay Per Page
  • Inconsistent Cost
  • Pay Per Page Printing Costs
  • Limited Service
  • Limited Tools & Software
  • Lease Agreement
  • Incentivized to Print More Pages
  • Device Centric
  • Vendor & Customer Misalignment
  • Difficult to Add New Hardware
  • Hard to Budget

Enterprise Benefits

  • Close Security Loop for Copiers & Printers
  • Gain Flexibility for Growth
  • Create a True Vendor Partner with Aligned Goals
  • Makes Budgeting Easier with Flat Line Cost
  • Refresh Technology Automatically with Presets


We're NOT Your Average Office Solutions Company

Copiers & Printers are some of the earliest and most overlooked members of the IoT. A recent Forrester security study found that 54% of CIO's have anxiety due to IoT. In another 2017 Forrester security study, nearly half of all CIO's stated that tightening budgets were a barrier to firming up IoT security.

Compliance mandates often miss the copiers and almost always miss the printers. Unless every user authenticates from their PC AND at the device and for every function of that device, copiers and printers are often a major overlooked hole in companies HIPAA & SOX ERP initiatives.

It's assumed that the sunk operating cost of document management only amounts to around 3-5% of a company's gross revenue but a 2018 report from All Associates show a much bigger picture of the fully burdened cost of document creation. Total office document cost per page = $0.58.

More Enterprise Benefits with Seat Based Billing



in YOUR Cost



in IT Workload



in Management Hours



in Document Production

Why Companies Overlook These Threats


CIO’s are typically under staffed and burdened with dozens of more important business critical initiatives at any one time.


Cost per copy contracts distract attention away from the fully burdened cost of document management.


Procuring & managing of I/O devices like copiers and printers is often relegated to lower ranks who are more likely to maintain status quo rather than innovate.


The cost of additional hardware and software needed to provide end to end security for copiers and printers can reach into the millions of dollars for enterprise customers.


Most CIO’s find it difficult to find a non-transactional, consultative vendor partner with knowledge and expertise to help them navigate the sea of solutions on the market.

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Listen to Our Customers, Then Decide

We were in a lease with another vendor with 28 months left. Service was terrible and the machines were always broken down. Nimble Technologies rescued us from our lease, installed 5 machines in one day and we haven’t had a single service call this year!"

– Jeff N.
Orlando, FL

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